About Tarik Muhtaseb, Esq.

Tarik Muhtaseb, Esq., the visionary leader driving Muhtaseb Law, stands as a prominent personal injury attorney in California. His journey to prominence in the legal arena is characterized by a rich tapestry of experiences across various sectors, each contributing to his versatility, a hallmark of Muhtaseb Law’s success.

Starting his career as in-house counsel for a prominent insurance company’s litigation department, Tarik Muhtaseb, Esq. immersed himself in the intricacies of legal practice from multiple angles. This role provided him with invaluable insights into the strategies and perspectives of both plaintiffs and defendants, laying the groundwork for his comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape.

Transitioning to a senior associate role at a nationally renowned law firm, Tarik Muhtaseb, Esq. has honed his skills in managing complex civil litigation cases. With a diverse caseload spanning personal injury claims, wrongful death lawsuits, and contentious business disputes, he has consistently delivered favorable outcomes for his clients through meticulous preparation and steadfast advocacy. Tarik Muhtaseb, Esq. has earned a reputation for his tenacity and effectiveness in the courtroom.

Expanding on his success in private practice, Tarik Muhtaseb, Esq. ventured into the public service as Deputy County Counsel for county government and its various departments. In this role, he navigated a wide spectrum of legal issues, further enriching his professional repertoire and broadening his impact within the legal community.

Muhtaseb Law: Championing Justice and Empowering Clients

In 2024, Tarik Muhtaseb, Esq. fulfilled his long-held ambition by founding Muhtaseb Law with a clear mission: to champion the rights of individuals who have suffered harm and injustice. Through compassionate advocacy and unwavering dedication, Muhtaseb Law is committed to securing fair compensation and meaningful resolution for its clients, empowering them to rebuild their lives with dignity and resilience.


  • Southwestern Law School – Juris Doctor

  • Singapore Management University –¬†Southeast Asian Business & Human Rights Program

  • University of California, Riverside – Bachelor of Arts